I Love Tyler Madison

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we advocate self-esteem, self-love and self-respect. we want women to feel as good as possible in our clothes, while accepting their uniqueness. the same pants can look quite different on 5 different women – and that's what we're looking for and love. this is one of the reasons why our pants are all to put on. we want to prevent women from stressing out about something as ridiculous as the 'top button' challenge. just put on our slimming pants, easy to wear, and you're good to go.

as an animal rights activist and strong advocate for dog rescue missions, i ♥ tyler madison proudly supports the spca and aspca. after all, our furry friends are what we can call our third and fourth silent business partner (or less silent when they bark!). who knows where we would be without their acceptance: probably struggling with a top button in a fitting room of a store somewhere.